Why hire a hive?


Try before you buy

You may have an interest in beekeeping but don’t want to purchase all of the necessary equipment.

Buying all of the safety equipment, tools, hiveware, honey extraction equipment, disease treaments, let alone the bees can end up costing a bit more then people intended. By hiring a hive, we have everything you need and take care of everything for you!

Pollenate your garden

Bees will be very happy to find beautiful plants and flowers in their area and your flowers are going to love it too.
The bees especially love big flowers that they can land on. We’ve seen our gardens blossom with the bees pollinating them and have been told by our neighbours they’ve really seen a transformation in their garden every since the bees have been around too.


If you’re interested in trying before you buy, this is a great way to learn what it takes before deciding to take that leap.
We’re happy for you to join us when we inspect your hive, along the way we’ll teach you what we’re looking at, what we’re looking for, how the bees make honey and how it ends up in your jar.
From first hand experience we can tell you the more you learn, the more intriguing and addictive beekeeping becomes!