How It Works

If you’re interested in hosting bees on your land, here’s how we can help.

Let’s pick a spot
First we’ll visit your property where together we can decide the best location that works for your lifestyle and the bees.

Here come the bees!
You pick a delivery date, and we’ll bring a hive full of bees and set them up.

Every few weeks, we will need to check on the bees by inspecting their hive and making sure they are healthy and comfortable. Beeboys will notify you in advance to make sure the time of the inspection suits you. If you’d like to join us up close for inspections you’re more than welcome!

Congratulations you now have thousands of new pets in your backyard working hard! It really is quite memorising watching the bees work, you can simply soak up the delicious smells and gentle hum of your busy hive – not to mention some delectable, exquisite honey.